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Koutouki is a family-run Greek restaurant offering authentic Greek food and a lively atmosphere.

We use nothing but the freshest ingredients in our dishes that are homemade in house daily. The decor is comfortable, welcoming and resembles a modern restaurant one might stumble upon when traveling to the Greek Isles.

However, on Saturdays and other special days, when the sun goes down, the energy goes up. Belly-dancing, plate smashing, and Zorba dancing make for an exciting and memorable dining experience.


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Visit us at:
Koutouki Restaurant
540 – 3803 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton AB, T6J 5M8
phone (780) 432-3660

Also visit us at:
Argentina Steakhouse
542 – 3803 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton AB, T6J 5M8
phone (780) 756-0103


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We do catering for all sizes of groups, small or large and offer in-store pickup or delivery. You can contact us through the phone number below or by filling out the contact form above, select “catering” to ensure your order is not lost.